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medical assistant programs

Why Become a Medical Assistant this Year?

Do you dream about serving vulnerable members of society in the greatest way, while still holding down a stable career? Are you willing to work in an exciting medical environment? If you answered yes, then why not consider becoming a medical assistant. The field of medicine is constantly changing and expanding, so new knowledge sets must be acquired and applied for your patients to receive the best care possible. 

Being a medical assistant can put you at ground zero when discoveries or treatments happen. In addition, this job will take you literally and virtually worldwide. You can network with other professionals from all over the planet. You can find jobs in different environments, from small rural hospitals to giant cities! You can start now with Medical Assistant Programs at Global Medical Technical Training Institute (GMTTI).

What Does a Medical Assistant Do?

Medical assistants work with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices to support patient care, administrative tasks, and healthcare management. They are responsible for preparing patients for examinations and treatments; taking medical histories; performing routine laboratory tests; assisting physicians during examinations, sterilizing equipment, administering medications, and recording medical information.

medical assistant programs

Medical Assistant Positions Are Increasing Faster Than The Average

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of medical assistant positions will grow by 23% through 2028. The Affordable Care Act requires more people to have health insurance, and many employers are hiring more part-time workers to cut costs. This could lead to more demand for medical assistants in the coming years.

You Can Enter This Field Quickly

There’s no need to spend years in college first. You can enter this field quickly with just a high school diploma or GED and earn an associate degree or certificate within a year or two. Some states require licensure or certification, but most don’t. A certification or license in Medical Assisting is valuable to stand out among competitors.

Certification Can Increase Marketability

Certification can help open up more opportunities for advancement within your current organization or prospective employers. Many employers prefer those who hold certifications because they know they have met specific standards by an outside party (like the American Association of Medical Assistants). The certificate also shows that you have taken the time to learn more about your profession, making them more confident in your abilities as a medical assistant. You can work on your medical assistant classes in Miami at GMTTI. Technical training schools allow you to work in your field much more quickly than college.

Options To Work In A Variety of Settings

You can work in various settings, including hospitals, urgent care centers, doctor’s offices, and clinics. These positions are available both in the United States and abroad, and the opportunities are endless!

Stable Career Option

Medical assistants enjoy stable employment due to the high demand in this field. There are plenty of opportunities available, so if you’re looking for something long-term, this is a great option!

Fulfilling Career

Working as a medical assistant allows you to be involved with all aspects of patient care, from taking vital signs and administering medication to assisting physicians during exams and procedures. You will become an integral part of the healthcare team, making this career fulfilling!

Global Medical Technical Training Institute

The medical industry constantly needs people to work in the roles they require. As a result, the medical assistant field is perfect for getting involved with right now because it’s expected to grow over the next few years. And considering that it’s one of the fastest-growing careers out there, you can see why you should consider becoming a MA today. Best of all, this occupation has plenty to offer not just in job security and stability but also in benefits, both emotional and financial. Are you ready to get started? Contact GMTTI today for more information on our medical assistant school in Miami.