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medical assistant school in Miami

Become a Medical Assistant This Year With Medical Training Classes!

Are you dissatisfied with the job opportunities that are currently available to you? Tired of working hard without seeing any reward? Are you eager to earn more than your current job pays without sacrificing your schedule?

Global Medical has medical training classes that can help you train for a lucrative career as a medical assistant. 

Medical assistants are always in demand, and this demand is expected to continue to grow in the near future. And the best part is, that medical assistants are in high demand all over the country, so work prospects are excellent no matter where you live.

GMTTI has been offering accredited medical assistant training for years. We have helped hundreds of students successfully prepare for this career path. Our graduates are now working in a variety of medical assisting careers, and now, we are here to help you!

medical assistant school in Miami

Medical Assistant Careers Are In High Demand

Medical assistants are the backbone of any medical office. They are responsible for performing a wide array of duties, from taking vital signs and drawing blood to answering phones and scheduling appointments.

The best way to become a medical assistant is through an accredited program like those offered at GMTTI’s medical assistant programs. You’ll learn everything you need to know about patient care and administrative tasks so that you can be asset to your future employer.

Potential For Many Career Opportunities

Medical assistants are an important part of the healthcare team. With training classes, learning how to become a medical assistant is within your reach!

Medical assistants can work in a variety of settings, from hospitals to physician offices, and even nursing homes. They are trained to perform a wide range of duties that help doctors and other healthcare professionals provide quality care for their patients. Medical assistant training programs can be completed in as little as six months, with classes offered during the evenings or on weekends.

If you’re considering becoming a medical assistant, here are some reasons why it may be right for you:

You enjoy helping people: Medical assistants work directly with patients on a daily basis, so being able to connect with others is important if this is going to be your career path. If you love working one-on-one with people and enjoy helping them feel better about their situation, this could be a great field for you.

You enjoy working in a fast-paced environment: Medical assistants often have very little downtime because they’re busy assisting doctors and nurses throughout the day. If you enjoy being busy and want to keep things moving forward at a quick pace, then this may be the job for you! It’s also important that you’re comfortable working under pressure and don’t mind making quick decisions.

Excellent Earning Prospects

Medical assistants help physicians and other healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients. They administer medications, monitor vital signs, and perform other clinical tasks. As the healthcare industry grows, there is an increased need for trained medical assistants.

A medical assistant can earn a median salary of $37,190 a year (2021), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And that number is only going up. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment for medical assistants will continue to increase.

As a medical assistant, you will have excellent earning prospects because there is a shortage of qualified personnel in this field. The BLS expects employment opportunities for medical assistants to increase by 18 percent through 2030—which is much faster than average for all occupations. 

Fast Track To a Career

If you’re looking for a fast track to a career as a medical assistant, GMTTI can get you started on the right foot. We offer training programs that are designed to teach you the skills you need to succeed in this high-demand field.

Medical assistants work in all areas of health care, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, outpatient care centers, surgical centers and nursing homes. Their duties include taking patient histories, preparing patients for examination or treatment, assisting with examinations and laboratory tests, giving injections and other medications under physician supervision, monitoring vital signs and recording medical information on an electronic health record system.

If you are interested in becoming a certified medical assistant (CMA), GMTTI can help get you there faster than ever before! Our courses allow students to receive quality instruction from our professional instructors. The program is 700 hours long over 35 weeks with 160 externship hours. 

Our classes are taught by real professionals who have years of experience in the field! They want nothing more than for our students to succeed. 

Medical Assistant Training at Global Medical & Technical Training Institute

GMTTI is a medical assistant school in Miami and is thoroughly vetted and recommended by satisfied students consistently. The curriculum is designed by experienced instructors with a wealth of knowledge in the medical field, so you’ll learn through very hands-on methods. Many students find permanent employment straight out of school. 

Is a career in Medical Assisting your lifelong dream? Do You want to learn everything about this field in a very short period of time?

Come to GMTTI in Miami, FL and get started now!