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Taking Medical Assistant Classes in Miami

Changing careers is almost never easy. Sometimes, it can be a costly endeavor that requires going back to school full-time. In other situations, you may not need to take classes, but hiring managers will be looking for years of experience in the field when trying to fill a position. Luckily, there’s a more affordable, practical, and flexible option than either of these frustrating scenarios: medical assistant classes in Miami.

Over the past year, people in Miami and across the country have learned what those of us in the field already know: health care workers are essential. A career in healthcare is fulfilling, rewarding, and stable. And medical assistant classes allow you to find a solid job in health care without going back to school full time or embarking on a frustrating job search.

Today, we want to highlight the flexibility of our medical assistant classes in Miami. With our programs, you won’t have to leave your current job to pursue a new career. Essentially medical assistant programs like ours offer the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for a flexible medical assistant school in Miami, we’ve got you covered. Explore our programs and contact us today at Global Medical to learn more!

What You’ll Learn in Our Medical Assistant Classes in Miami

One of the best parts about working in healthcare is that you can interact directly with those in need, from seniors to those seeking life-saving medical care from their doctor. Our medical assistant classes prepare you for these exciting jobs. 

Unlike an intensive program like nursing school, in our 35-week medical assistant programs, you’ll commit to roughly 20 hours per week of instruction and lab time. Some of this learning can happen remotely on your own time. 

Over the course of our medical assistant programs, you’ll learn about the structure and function of the body, clinical procedures, and specialized skills in cardiology, radiology, and phlebotomy. Plus, you’ll spend time in our labs to apply your knowledge, so you’ll be fully prepared to start on the job right away!

Resources Available to Students

Our faculty includes experienced doctors and medical professionals who have spent years treating patients and working with medical assistants. They’re here to help you every step of the way. 

Plus, we have an experienced team of advisors who will guide you as you take classes, explore career options, and apply for jobs. And of course, we have a medical library available to help you study and hone your skills. 

Benefits of Our Flexible Programs

Too many programs require you to leave your current job to take classes and change careers. Ours is different. We help you achieve your dream of a solid career in health care without forcing you to leave your current job or spend time away from your family. We’ve improved our remote instruction capabilities during the pandemic, making our programs even more flexible in the long term. Plus, we offer some of the most affordable medical assistant classes in Miami, so you can change careers without burdening yourself or your family financially. 

Learn More About Our Programs

We’re a top medical assistant school in Miami that has helped hundreds of students find careers in healthcare. Whether you’re looking to become a dialysis technical assistant or home health aide, we have a program that meets your needs. 

Do you think it’s time to pursue medical assistant classes in Miami? Contact our admissions team today to learn more about how GMTTI can help you!