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Hurricane Irma Update

To all faculty, staff, and students:

While the worst of the storm is behind us, we hope that everyone was well prepared and safe. As of this writing, the institution remains closed and classes have a tentative start date of Monday, Sept. 18, 2017. The institution did not suffer any substantive damages and all will be in working order once classes begin. We are awaiting restoration of electricity to the building so we can commence classes once again. If you have any questions regarding the institution, please feel free to call us at 786-401-7114 for immediate assistance. Please be safe. We will continue to provide updates as the week goes by.

Estimados estudiantes, facultad, y administracion:

Ya que lo peor de la tormenta a pasado, esperamos que ustedes y sus familias estan bien. La institucion se mantiene cerrada con una fecha tentativa de comienzo: lunes 18 de septiembre 2017. La institucion no tuvo ningun daño substantivo y todo estare as su normalidad en cuanto comenzemos las clases nuevamente. Estamos esperando la restauracion de corriente para poder impartir clases nuevamente. Si tiene algunas preguntas, por favor llamenos al 786-401-7114. Gracias.