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Future Training school

Finding the Right Future Training Institute

The past year has led to plenty of substantial shifts in the U.S. economy. The pandemic has devastated certain sectors and accelerated automation, meaning that plenty of jobs that exist today won’t exist in 10 years. As a result, planning for the future couldn’t be more important. A future training institute could be the right choice for you!

A future training institute isn’t a college. Rather, future training institutes like Global Medical & Technical Training Institute (GMTTI) provide technical training that prepares you for a bright future. And luckily, healthcare careers are perfect during times of economic change and turmoil: job growth is predicted to continue in the coming years!

Our technical school for medical training provides you with the tools you’ll need to have a successful future. After all, that’s why we’re called a future training institute!

If you’re interested in a medical training school, check out the below guide that answers some frequently asked questions about our programs. If you’re interested, we have good news. We’re centrally located in Miami and have admissions officers ready to help you make your next career move!


Our future training institute doesn’t have the prohibitive admissions requirements you might see from nursing schools and other colleges. Our requirements are simple: a high school diploma or GED, a government-issued photo ID, and a valid social security number. If you’re at least 17 years of age and meet those requirements, our program in Miami could be a perfect fit for you!

We’re looking for committed students who want to enrich their futures. Our medical tech school and medical training programs are perfect for people looking for a change and a new career that offers opportunities to help people in need!

Resources and Course of Study

In our Miami-based future training school, you’ll have all the resources you need to succeed. We have a library with medical reference texts available for use, and our low staff-to-student ratio means you’ll get plenty of individualized attention from our instructors. 

Our course of study varies depending on your program. However, in all our future training programs, you can expect to learn about the human body and discipline-specific skills that will help you succeed immediately after you graduate! In fact, you’ll do plenty of hands-on learning, so when you step onto the job, you’ll feel like a veteran on day one. 

That’s what separates us from other institutes: we’re all in on providing you with the skills you need to be successful in your new career. 

Flexibility and Cost

We know that cost and flexibility are two of the most important factors for you. Here in Miami, people ask all the time, “How can I find affordable medical technical schools near me? So many of them are too expensive!”

Luckily, we put affordability at the forefront of everything we do. Our advisors and admissions counselors can help connect you with financial aid opportunities, and our programs are already some of the most affordable options available. 

Most importantly, we offer part-time and remote options for a large portion of our programs. Because of these options, you won’t have to quit your current job to prepare for your future career. Plus, our remote learning options help keep you safe during the pandemic. 

A Future Training Institute You Can Trust

We know deciding on the right program can be difficult–especially when it comes to medical tech schools. We also know you probably see plenty of options around Miami. 

Here at Global Medical & Technical Training Institute, we are a trustworthy group of people who are completely invested in making sure you succeed. If you have questions or want to learn more, our admissions officers are here to help. Feel free to reach out and see for yourself how our individualized approach to education and advising helps students find fulfilling careers!