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What You Learn In a Patient Care Technician Training Program

A patient care technician’s duties are vast and varied. They generally work on their feet all day. Their day is busy yet fulfilling as they manage to serve their patients’ every need. From administering medications to drawing blood, PCT dialysis, and more, medical facilities rely on patient care technicians to provide comfort and good patient support.

What Is a Patient Care Technician?

A patient care technician is a healthcare worker who is involved in the direct care of patients. Their duties may include taking vital signs, assisting with physical procedures such as blood draws and injections, and providing emotional support to patients. They are an integral part of any medical team, and their role can change based on the facility’s needs. Many students choose to become dialysis patient care technicians in Miami.

Courses and Subjects Covered

Patient Care Technician programs primarily include coursework, and the students must complete an externship at hospitals or other healthcare facilities to gain practical experience before entering the workforce. Here are a few of the most common courses that are covered during the duration of this program:

Structures and Functions of the Body

This class teaches students about human anatomy, including bones, muscles, nerves, organs, and tissues. It also covers how these systems work together within our bodies and how they contribute to overall health and wellness.

Patient Care Technician Training Program
Nurse in sterile gloves cleansing the area on the patient arm with an alcohol pad before blood drawing

Nursing Assistant Procedures

This course provides students with basic nursing skills such as taking vital signs, feeding patients, and assisting doctors with procedures. They also learn how to provide emotional support to patients and their families.

Principles of Electrocardiography and Radiography

Electrocardiography (ECG) is a test that records the electrical activity of the heart muscle during a heartbeat. Radiography is used for imaging purposes in healthcare facilities. Students learn how ECG works, how to interpret ECG readings, and how radiology procedures are performed.

Principles of Phlebotomy

This course provides students with an introduction to venipuncture techniques and the proper handling of specimens for testing purposes. Students learn about basic lab procedures for collecting blood samples from patients, labeling tubes correctly, and preparing them for shipment to the laboratory for testing purposes. The course also covers emergency management procedures for handling any unexpected situation that might occur during phlebotomy procedures, such as needle sticks or other injuries from sharp objects such as needles or syringes).

Principles of Hemodialysis

This course provides an overview of the techniques and procedures used in hemodialysis. You’ll learn about the use of equipment, dialysis solutions, medication administration, and special considerations for patients undergoing this treatment process.


An externship is typically a supervised clinical experience where students have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in a real-world setting under the guidance of experienced professionals. Externships are usually completed during the final semester of study or at graduation so that candidates can gain real-world experience after acquiring all their classroom knowledge.

Global Medical Patient Care Technician (PCT) Program 

The Global Medical Patient Care Technician (PCT) program prepares students for various job opportunities in the health professions. It is also designed to meet the demand for cross-training employees in healthcare facilities. The PCT student will be trained to work in entry-level positions in various medical settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, and other facilities.

Many job opportunities are available, including nursing assistants, home health aides, patient care assistants, dialysis care technicians, and electrocardiograph aides. This program will teach you how to recognize laws and regulations and practice the procedures necessary to be competent healthcare professional. All graduates are eligible for job assistance.

The Patient Care Technician program is taught through a mixture of lectures, practical exercises in a laboratory, and real-world situations in an externship setting. Global Medical Technical Training Institute is a premiere PCT school in Miami.