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Medical Technical Training

Switching Careers? Kickstart Your Future in Healthcare At a Florida Medical Training Institute

If you’re looking to revamp your career and find a rewarding job in the healthcare industry, a Florida medical training institute could help you. Here at GMTTI, we pride ourselves on offering students the best-allied health technical training program in South Florida.

And as one of the top-performing technical training schools in Miami, we are focused on preparing you for a wide array of rewarding, enjoyable, and stable entry-level jobs in the healthcare field. 

As a technical training institute, we offer courses that will prepare you for numerous jobs in the healthcare field, from medical billing to phlebotomy. So even though our programs can vary, they all prepare you for potentially lucrative jobs in the industry. 

Medical Technical Training

If you’re ready to make the next step in your career switch, please reach out to our admissions team today to learn more about enrolling in classes at our Florida medical training institute. 

Giving You The Tools For Your Future

A career in healthcare is fast-paced. We are one of the only medical technical training schools that equips students with the skills needed to succeed in helping medical professionals with patient care. We offer programs that will prepare you to become a Patient Care Technician, Medical Assistant, Dialysis Care Technician, and much more.

At our technical training institute, there is also medical procedure training that will provide you with relevant and in-demand skills that will guarantee you a stable and good-paying job in the healthcare industry. As the pandemic has demonstrated, healthcare jobs are in-demand and are not going anywhere. A career in healthcare is viable with our training programs, which will prepare you to perform life-saving care for patients. 

An education at a Florida medical training institute like ours is not only the right choice.  It’s an investment in your education that will prepare you for the years to come. 

Benefits of our Florida Medical Training Institute

We understand that it’s difficult to figure out how to make your career switch into healthcare a reality. You’ll need to choose a school that’s right for you, finance your education, and balance technical training with the demands of your current job. 

Don’t worry, we have good news: GMTTI is the most affordable technical training institute in South Florida. While other technical schools have skyrocketing costs and little financial aid, we are one of the few technical training schools that offers competitive pricing and financial aid options and counseling for students in need. 

We are affordable AND flexible. Your time is valuable and making the shift into healthcare isn’t easy. Our Florida medical training institute offers all of its classes day and night. Your schedule shouldn’t be a barrier to pursuing your education–and you shouldn’t need to leave your current jobs to enroll in our programs. 

If in-person classes don’t work, there’s also remote learning options. Additionally, if you think your language skills pose another barrier, we offer classes in Spanish as well as English. At our Florida medical training institute, we believe that nothing should stand in the way of student success. 

Our dedicated admissions staff is ready to help you take the next step in your career journey and get the credentials you need to find your dream healthcare job. Contact us today!