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Pharmacy Technician Training Program

Reasons to Join a Pharmacy Technician Training Program in Florida

Pharmacy technician training programs in Florida equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as pharmacy technicians in various healthcare settings. With such a high demand for pharmacists in Florida, completing a board-approved pharmacy technician training program can give individuals an edge on the job market. Here are some of the top reasons why enrolling in one of Florida’s many pharmacy technician training programs makes sense:

High Demand for Pharmacy Technicians

Florida has a growing need for pharmacy technicians due to an aging population and increased

healthcare needs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects close to 3000 annual Pharmacy Technicians job openings in 2023. This change in demographic will allow for plenty of job opportunities for individuals who complete a course and become certified.

Increased Earning Potential

Completing a board-approved pharmacy technician training program can significantly boost an individual’s earning potential. Employers provide benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans, which may increase earning potential significantly.

Hands-On Training                    

Global Medical & Technical Training Institute in Florida offers hands-on training that allows students to hone practical skills essential for the workplace. This includes learning to read prescriptions, interpret them correctly, prepare medications, and communicate effectively with patients. By gaining this hands-on experience during their education, individuals become better prepared to enter the workforce and perform their job duties more efficiently.

Preparing for Certification

Certification isn’t a must-have to work as a pharmacy technician in Florida, but it can give individuals an edge in the job market and boost their earning potential. In some cases, certification may even be mandated by certain employers.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Completing a pharmacy technician course can open doors to career advancement in healthcare. With additional training and education, individuals can pursue careers as pharmacists, pharmacy managers, or healthcare administrators. Furthermore, those with completed pharmacy technician training programs may be more competitive candidates for other healthcare-related jobs.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Global Medical & Technical Training Institute in Florida offers flexible scheduling to accommodate the needs of working adults and students with other commitments. Many programs provide day, evening, and weekend classes and online and hybrid learning options to make it easier for individuals to fit their education around their work and personal commitments.

Job Security

Pharmacy technician jobs are expected to remain in high demand for the foreseeable future, making them a reliable career option. With a board-approved pharmacy technician training program under their belt, individuals can feel secure about their current employment security and future career prospects.


Global Medical & Technical Training Institute provides an expansive pharmacy technician program that equips students with the skills needed for entry-level positions within this field. This program provides hands-on experience in a simulated pharmacy setting and classroom instruction on topics like medication preparation, drug interactions, and pharmacy law and ethics. Students also have the unique opportunity to complete an externship in a real-world pharmacy, gaining valuable practical experience and networking connections. The program is taught by experienced instructors committed to helping students reach their career objectives. Upon graduation, graduates are well-prepared to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam and launch their careers as pharmacy technicians.