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Home Health Aids

Making a difference as a Home Health Aids

Seniors and many others around South Florida need in-home health care and support. Home  health aides can make a substantial difference in the community, helping seniors live out  retirement in their homes and ensuring they receive the support they need to thrive and enjoy  life. 

You may have thought you needed to be a doctor or a nurse to provide home care to patients.  Luckily, you don’t; many seniors just need help with primary care, household tasks, and errands.  As a home health aide, you can help seniors without going through the rigors or costs of  medical school or nursing school. 

Our Home Health Aide program is just four weeks long, so you can be eligible for a healthcare  position after completing our short, inexpensive training program. Below, we put together an  overview of this program to help you learn more. 

Basics of Our Home Health Aide Program 

Our program covers a wide array of topics you’ll need to understand to become a Home Health  Aide. Health aides perform various tasks related to personal hygiene and direct care with  geriatric patients, those with chronic illnesses, or others in need. We’ll provide you with the  necessary knowledge you need to help those you care for complete daily living activities, stay  safe, and receive the support they need. 

You’ll learn about tasks such as how to check vital signs, helping with bathing and dressing, and  supporting personal hygiene. 

Where You Can Work as a Home Health Aide 

The home health field is growing, especially with the recent pandemic. Most Home Health  agencies provide care services to the ill or disabled, so you’ll likely work with an agency to  assign you to visit homes. 

You could also become one of many personal care aides that work in care facilities in a capacity  very similar to that of a Home Health Aide. Many nursing facilities and long-term care facilities  need health aides, and our program will prepare you for these positions. Plenty of these  facilities – as well as home health agencies – have part-time jobs available.

An aide works directly with patients, so you’ll be entering a fulfilling career to help people every  day. Plus, you won’t need to become a registered nurse or become another type of skilled  nursing professional. And if you become a certified Home Health Aide, you’ll have even more  career options. 

Jumpstarting Your Career 

If you want to become the Home Health Aide Miami residents need, look no further than our  program. You’ll make a difference as an essential healthcare worker while earning a stable  income. Even in these difficult economic times, the healthcare industry is always hiring.  Especially with more seniors staying home in need of support and companionship, Home Health  Aides are in high demand. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Home Health Aides are growing much faster than  other professions. Plus, this isn’t necessarily a minimum-wage position: it’s a chance to  jumpstart a new career with growth opportunities.  If you’re interested in our affordable Home Health Aide program contact us for more  information. As always, we’re here to help you find the right program for you and support you  as you pursue the education you need to find your next career.