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Dialysis Careers in South Florida

Right now, the economic outlook for our country might seem a bit uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But one thing is clear: hospitals and outpatient care providers are always looking to fill positions. At Global Medical Technical and Training Institute, we’re here to help you find a fulfilling new career in healthcare with our high-quality, affordable training programs. 

One of our increasingly popular programs will train you to become a Dialysis Patient Care Technician (D-PCT). As a D-PCT, your work will be similar to that of a patient care technician (PCT), but you’ll receive further training in hemodialysis. You’ll assist nephrology nurses, who treat patients going through dialysis treatment, a process that helps rid the body of toxins when the kidneys aren’t functioning properly. For example, a patient with severe kidney disease might undergo dialysis. 

If you’re looking for a patient care technician program Miami, Florida students trust, our program to help you become a dialysis technician could be right for you. At GMTTI, we’ll prepare you for a fulfilling, fast-growing career helping people in need of serious medical help. 

Our Dialysis Patient Care Technician Program 

According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 500,000 Americans with severe kidney problems are currently undergoing dialysis treatment. Our program prepares you to assist nephrology nurses, who provide dialysis services in a variety of care settings. For example, a dialysis technician will help monitor the patients and assist with dialysis setup. We’ll train you on the basics of using a dialysis machine and prepare you for dialysis patient care, an important part of making sure patients with kidney problems are comfortable and properly cared for during their treatment programs. 

After you complete our program, you’ll have everything you’ll need to become a home health aide or nursing assistant. Plus, you’ll be trained in phlebotomy, EKG & radiology, and hemodialysis. As you can probably tell, our dialysis training program is one of our most comprehensive. You’ll learn about drawing blood, 12-lead ECG examinations, and dialysis machine setup on top of the basics of patient care. As a

result, this program will prepare you well for a number of jobs in healthcare, including assisting patients with home dialysis or working in a dialysis center. 

Career Outlook 

Dialysis centers often have plenty of jobs available, including work as a reuse technician cleaning dialysis machines or jobs in dialysis patient care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers as nursing assistants or orderlies are fast-growing. Our program will prepare you for a position quickly in a field that will need plenty of new employees for the foreseeable future, helping you find a job even in difficult economic times. 

To complete our program, you just need a high school diploma or GED. Unlike becoming a registered nurse, becoming a dialysis technician doesn’t require a college degree. Our highly affordable training program will help you prepare for this new, exciting career, and our career services personnel will help you find the right job quickly after completing our program. Plus, if you complete the certification exam for dialysis technicians, you’ll be in an even stronger position to find employment. 

Finding a Fulfilling Career 

If you’re looking to make your next career move and know that you want to help people, our program is here to support you. We’ve assisted plenty of people across South Florida who have found fulfilling careers caring for those in need of healthcare. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, so many medically vulnerable Americans have felt scared and worried about their future. As a technician, you can help deliver care and put patients at ease. 

If you’re interested in dialysis patient care or another path in the healthcare field, we’re here to help you achieve your dreams. Contact our admissions office any time to learn more about our programs. We offer frequent opportunities for enrollment and are excited to help you get started on the road to a new, fulfilling path!