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Vocational School For You

How To Choose The Best Vocational School For You

More commonly known as a Technical Training Institute or trade school… but most people call it a vocational school, and they have been on a meteoric rise in the past few years.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that 11 of the 20 fastest growing occupations in the country fit into the CTE (career technical education) category –and the right training with the right team, can set you up to take advantage of this lucrative and inexpensive trend for the next few years,
By the way this applies to anyone, but particularly younger people who may be at a point in their lives, especially after taking a year or two off after high school, and might be wondering…
Should I go to college, get a job, what do I want to do with my life?
And we think the answer is what no one ever wants to hear… And that is, ‘it depends!’
Because especially nowadays, there are so many choices, not only for young people, but also for people who are unhappy with their current jobs and are looking for a fresh start.
The key here is to have some basic, short term goals in mind. And that’s where the opportunity to learn a trade that pays well comes in.

Technical training institute

Vocational schools are a viable option for people interested in relatively short programs that will prepare for the real world, while making a pretty good living.
So if this is a route you’ve been thinking about, great!
But there are a few things you need to be aware of when choosing the right Technical Training Institute to learn a trade from.
Because… “While many of these schools are reputable and teach the skills necessary to get a good job, others may not be,” –warns the Federal Trade Commission on its website.
“They may promise more than they can deliver to increase enrollment — and their bottom line.”

So here we go:

Misleading salary potential of certain jobs: Some career paths are indeed very lucrative, but oftentimes it takes years of experience, and a fair share of good luck and connections in the industry. Research the field you’re going into and manage your expectations and abilities accordingly.
The ‘Real and Actual’ availability of jobs: Many times schools overstate the demand for jobs in a particular market. Always check with your local market, talk to people already working on the trade. Reach out to potential future employers and ask them to give you their time to better educate you on the future of your chosen trade.
The School’s standing and experience, plus staff’s qualifications: Everyone likes to sell themselves better than what they are. It’s human nature, but it’s a matter of degrees. So that you don’t have to make subjective decisions, make sure you check the schools credentials, look up the instructors in social media, personal websites, and current and past students reviews and testimonials about both the instructors and the quality of the programs.
Their connections to businesses and industries: Placement post graduation or the ability to get you a job is something lots of schools use to market their programs. Make sure to verify some of these claims before you sign up. Ask former students how that process played out for them after graduation
Once your basic due diligence is done, here the next steps:
Make sure the school is accredited. Here you can get a checklist of schools at the Department of Education website,”
For example, this is us:

Regarding tuition, ask yourself this:
“Is the cost of the program more than what you’re going to make in your first year on the job?”
If so, revisit the option. You don’t want to carry debt or dig yourself deeper into a financial hole.
Most trades will make you enough money the first year to cover 100% of the tuition. Even in less than a year.
I hope this is a pretty good start if you want to have a go at it…
And if a trade in healthcare is something you’re considering, check out the options at
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Cheers, and most importantly… Have fun doing the research that will determine your future!